Parade Guy Resume

Jerry Eisner, Parade Guy

Objective To contribute to the goals of the organization through utilization of my experience and skill sets in parade event management and execution.
Parade Experience 2009-10  St. Patrick’s Day Parade               New York, NY

Northern Formation Manager, Line of March

  • 150,000 marchers, 2,000,000 spectators, inter-national television coverage
  • Worked with Formation and Line of March committees and NYPD on crowd control, insertion of pre-formed units into the parade in the appropriate order, and flow control and spacing.
  • Awarded newly created leadership position of Northern Formation Manager for 2010.

2009-10  Tournament of Roses Parade    Pasadena, CA

Ex-Officio Volunteer

  • 100 Unit Parade, 500,000 spectators, inter-national television coverage
  • Worked with Formation, Parade-Ops, and Music committees on crowd control, float positioning and security, and on the insertion of pre-formed units into the parade in the appropriate order.

2003-8  Chicago State Street Thanksgiving Day Parade     Chicago, IL

Assistant Integration Manager

  • 130 Unit Parade, 500,000 spectators, national television coverage
  • Responsible for the insertion of pre-formed units into the parade in the appropriate order and appropriate time.

Communications Command Center Coordinator

  • Responsible for coordinating the distribution, use, and collection of two-way communications equipment.  Developed and provided training for non-users to ensure proper use of channel bandwidth.
  • Acted as Liaison between Parade Executive Committee and the Chicago Police and Fire Departments during event coordinating emergency response.

2007-9  Coney Island Mermaid Parade  New York, NY

Disband Route Manager (2009)

Review Stand Chief Marshal (2007-8)

  • 600+ Units, 500,000 spectators
  • Responsible for coordinating the parade spacing and timing through the Judges Reviewing area.
  • Managed dynamics of parade separating vehicles, floats, from marching units during parade.


2007-9  Dance Parade                              New York, NY

Integration Coordinator (2009)

Float / Vehicle Integration Coordinator (2007-8)

  • 60 Floats / Vehicles, 4,000 Dancers
  • Responsible for coordinating the insertion of Vehicles and Floats into the parade in the appropriate order and time in conjunction with the Production Manager.

2007-8  Greenwich Village Halloween Parade New York, NY

General Public Unit

  • 70,000 participants, 1,000,000+ spectators
  • Responsible for maintaining separation and spacing between “A Unit” invited participants and “General Public” participants and Parade Unit spacing control.

2007-10  Fiesta Bowl Parade                       Phoenix, AZ

Inflatable Team Member

  • 34 Inflatables, the most in any Parade in the world.
  • Responsible for pre-parade balloon preparation, inflation, and handler training.  Post-parade activities included staging incoming balloons in disband area, securing balloons until deflation, and packaging balloons for storage.

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