Parade Glossary:

 A Parade consists of

Staging: This person or group of people are responsible for placing Parade Elements is a logical position, facing the proper direction so that they can be inserted on to the Route by the Integrator in the proper order.

Element: A Parade Element is a band, float, balloon, politician, car, specialty group or any other grouping that is going to descend the Parade Route.

Integrator: This person is responsible for setting the order, spacing, and pace of the parade during the execution of the event. Elements are presented to the Integrator in order from the Staging Coordinators.

Start Line: This is the point on the Route where the Parade starts. This point is also used in information about the parade. When the first Element crosses the Start Line, your Parade has begun.

Route: This is the street, roadway, or other venue that is intended to house your Parade. It should include a well defined Start Line and Finish Line.

Marshal: This person is responsible for security on the route and Element spacing and pacing.

Finish Line: This is the point on the Route where the Parade ends. When the last Element crosses the Finish Line, the public part of your Parade has over. Disband of the Elements continues until complete and the cleanup of the Route begins.

Disband: This person is responsible for directing the Elements into the appropriate areas so that the Parade can continue on the Route to the Finish Line.

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