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by Parade Guy on February 7, 2010

Hi there!

If you look at the History of the Parade Guy, which is me, you will see that I have been involved in the Naperville Last Fling Labor day Parade for a number of years.  For the last four or five years, I have been a member of the Naperville JayCees EDOC Bucket Shakers.  This is a group of former Executive Officers and Directors the walk the route with paint buckets collecting for various charities.  We are usually very near the front of a 125 unit parade.  This is a very true small town parade where you see your neighbors and co-workers.

When I have finished shaking my bucket, I have been walking back up the route to help ensure a good parade, doing what I do as Parade Guy.  It’s a blast and I feel like I am contributing to the comunity where I spent the better part of my adult life.

Last night, I was listening to WGN radio over the internet and I heard the following story:  The Naperville City Council has enacted a policy prohibiting the throwing or distribution of any items by all parade entrants.  However, participants would be permitted to walk along the parade route and hand items to spectators.  Here is the link to the local paper’s coverage:,Naperville-ends-parade-candy-tossing_NA020410.article

The only problem I ever has with the practice was that someone had to clean it up.  Never in my wildest Parade imagination did I ever think that this was a safety issue.

I wonder who gets to enforce this?  Do I now get a badge and a ticket book?

See ya’ on the route!

Parade Guy

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