2009 Greenwich Village Halloween Parade

by Parade Guy on November 1, 2009

Hi there!
I awoke this morning with a deep rich baritone, its a great day to re-record all of my voice mail messages. The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade was a great success. Just two notes: First, I know the exact minute the rain came, 7:21pm. This means one of two things. 1) God is a male or 2) Mayor Bloomburg has more power than I give him credit for. At 7:21pm, The Golub Art Cars, unit 21, passed the start line. This unit consisted of one car, one pick-up, and a trailer full of mostly naked women wearing only body paint. The paint was not going to last very long.

Second, The City didn’t want the Parade to end. At 9:01pm, the last official unit passed the start line. As I walked up 6th Avenue, closing block after block, thousands of more costumed partiers joined me.

I had a blast!

See ya’ on the route!
Parade Guy

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