Hi there.  I love parades. I love watching parades and I love making them even more.  Parades make people happy. By making a parade, I help make people happy.  As simplistic as that sounds, it is that simple.


The idea for this website came from the volunteers that I work with around the Country.  Parades have been mostly local in nature from a volunteer perspective.  Here in New York City, I have begun cross-pollinating parades with volunteers that I have worked with.  This gives other Parade fanatics a chance to work more than once a year while providing the organizations with experienced volunteers and fresh perspectives.


The goal of the website is to be a single point of contact for people interested in getting involved in parades, even it that means being a spectator. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout.


See ya’ on the route,


Parade Guy

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